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SKB-7B011 Suprimentos funerários descartáveis ​​de fábrica Biodegradável à prova d'água Saco para corpo de cadáver para ;
Informação básica.
Modelo NÃO.SKB-7B011
Tipo de fábricaMais de 13 anos fabricante
Pólo IV1 conjunto
Amostra/Manual de serviço/OEM/Manual do usuárioDisponível
Pacote de TransporteCaixa/caixa de madeira/outros
Marca comercialSAIKANG
OrigemSuzhou, Jiangsu
Código HS94029000
Capacidade de produção30.000 unidades/ano
Descrição do produto

SKB-7B011 Suprimentos funerários descartáveis ​​de fábrica, biodegradável, à prova d'água, armazenamento mortuário, saco para corpo de cadáver

Descrição do produto

Funções* Usando o material ecológico PEVA. A superfície com revestimento à prova d'água para evitar vazamento de fluido corporal. cordas, fáceis de transportar. *Opcional para adicionar o porta-cartão de visita, fácil de verificar a identidade. *Lado duplo do design de zíperes, fácil de abrir e fechar.

Tamanho externo (CxL)2200*800mm
Capacidade de carga200KG
Imagens de detalhes

Skb-7b011 Factory Disposable Funeral Supplies Biodegradable Waterproof Mortuary Storage Corpse Body Bag

Skb-7b011 Factory Disposable Funeral Supplies Biodegradable Waterproof Mortuary Storage Corpse Body Bag

Skb-7b011 Factory Disposable Funeral Supplies Biodegradable Waterproof Mortuary Storage Corpse Body Bag

FAQWhat quality requirements does your company meet?We have over 20 certifications, as ISO-9001/13485/14001/18001, European CE, Russian Federal Registration and Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency. We also meet the 93/42/EEC and IEC60601 safety standards. In addition to having 126 patents registered, we are constantly developing and implementing new standards for product quality and service efficiency.What warranty do your products have?We provide a standard 1 year warranty, optional to be increased. 1% free parts of the total quantity will be provided together with goods. The product that is damaged or fails due to the manufacturing problem within one year after the purchasing date will gain free spare parts and assembling drawings from the company. Beyond the maintenance period, we will charge the accessories, but the technical service is still free.What is your delivery time?Our standard delivery time is 28 days.What payment options do you offer?We are flexible in terms of payment. We can do LC, TT, DP, even credit, after auditing the customer.Do you offer OEM service?Yes, we have a qualified R&D team to carry out customized projects. You just need to provide us with your own specifications.Do you have different motor options? Yes, we have different brands of motors, as Linak, Timotion, Dewert or Jiechang.Is the color on headboard/footboard and ABS side rail optional? Yes, we can provide the color according to customers' requirements, based on wholesale purchases.Can I see your products personally?You are welcome to our 2,000 m2 of showrooms in our factory in China (150 km from Shanghai). In addition, we annually attend numerous international exhibitions where we present our products, such as Arab Health (United Arab Emirates), North Africa Health (Egypt), CMEF (Shanghai), German Medica (Germany), Medic West Africa (Nigeria), Medic East Africa (Kenya), Pharmedi (Vietnam), Hospitalar (Brazil), Medical Expo (Morocco), etc.
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